WE Survey Update

Author: WE  Date: 2/22/2018


We are delighted to report that nearly 700 publishing industry colleagues from around the world have already participated. It’s particularly satisfying to see the hundreds of comments and anecdotes that colleagues have taken the time to include for each section of the survey. The result is that we’re gathering both quantitative and qualitative data to use to better understand our industry’s challenges and opportunities.

In the remaining three weeks before March 14th, when the survey closes, we are expecting the enthusiastic response will continue.  

If you haven’t already, PLEASE TAKE THE WE SURVEY https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/workplace_equity 

It’s VIP that people of all ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, geographies, disabilities take the survey so that the data we collect reflects an accurate picture of our industry workplaces. No matter where you are in your career (even if you’re unemployed, retired, or unemployed), or what kind of company you work for, if you are part of the scholarly and academic publishing community, your individual opinions and unique experiences are important.

A lot of the credit for the strong showing is due to the promotional boost from endorsing organizations: kudos to ISMTE, NFAIS, SSP, STM, and UN WOMEN UK.

Endorsing Organizations


Since the WE Survey launched on January 31st, a number of organizations have jumped on board to spread the word and/or endorse our effort — many thanks to the Australian Publishers Association, Association of Publishers in India, Association of University Presses (AUP), Crossref, My Science Work, and OASPA.




We are proud to announce that the following industry leaders have agreed to serve in the group that will guide and govern the Workplace Equity Project:

Melanie DolechekExecutive Director, Society for Scholarly Publishing
Darrell Gunter Director, North America, for the International Association of STM Publishers; Chief Commercial Officer, Gadget Software
Laura HaynesChair, UN Women National Committee UK; Founder, Blackbird Consultants
Ginny Hendricks Director, Member & Community Outreach, Crossref
Mark Robertson Director of Business Development in APAC, CHOR Inc. (CHORUS); Private Consultant
Virginie SimoneFounder and CEO, My Science Work

WE’s co-founders, Susan Spilka, Simone Taylor, and Jeri Wachter, will work closely with these advisors and other volunteers to plan next steps to activate the findings from the data we are collecting.  The remit of the Advisory Board includes:

  • strategic guidance to facilitate the project’s mission and realize its vision
  • resources (human, intellectual, and/or financial) for project design and implementation
  • advice on ethical issues that may arise
  • recommendations for candidates to fill project roles as the project develops
  • review of project outputs ahead of wider dissemination

WE is seeking additional members for the Advisory Board authoritative industry experts across key stakeholder groups (or the scholarly publishing infrastructure/ecosystem) who provide expertise in the following areas:

  • product development/information technology
  • market research, survey methodology, survey analysis
  • sales, marketing and communications
  • talent acquisition and retention policy, specifically around diversity and inclusion
  • career development and training
  • compensation policy
  • fundraising (WE is currently self-funded and will need to raise funds to cover costs and continue our work)

Please contact us at survey@workplaceequityproject.org if you are interested in being part of this group or have recommendations for candidates.